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Oldambt - The municipalities in East Groningen, The Netherlands

Municipality Oldambt East Groningen

The Municipality of Oldambt is home to dozens of monuments, a strong local business community and of course the famous Oldambtmeer with the young and unique village center of Blauwestad on the waterfront. Striking in the municipality is the former straw board factory De Toekomst, which was restored by students and reintegrating construction workers. Where for years this factory was the symbol of the socio-economic malaise in the region, it now symbolizes the new impetus of the merged municipality. The quality of the homes has been improved, investments are being made in facilities such as a culture house, and the infrastructure and educational facilities have also been improved. The influence of agriculture on the unique clay landscape is cherished by the inhabitants and studied by international universities.

The municipality was created in 2010 through a merger between the former municipalities of Scheemda, Winschoten and Reiderland. As a result, this municipality now has the most inhabitants in East Groningen, almost 40,000. The city of Winschoten has had a strong attraction for our Eastern neighbors for years, who like to shop in the authentic city center.

There is something for everyone on the long list of sights in Oldambt, from Rosarium to steam pumping station, from Museum Slag bij Heiligerlee to wine farm.

The municipality has a number of marinas and waterfront establishments, of which those on the Oldambtmeer are the newest. The sailing routes are attractive for pleasure craft. The marinas will be further expanded in the coming years. The annual events in the municipality such as Adrillen, The Night of Winschoten, Pura Vida and the RUN are massively visited. The cores in the municipality all have their unique restaurants, with a surprising range of dishes. The urban entertainment is completed by a variety of cycling and walking routes through the characteristic landscape. For example, the longest bicycle bridge in Europe, the Pieter Smitbrug, is located in the municipality of Oldambt. Via this bridge you can cycle from Winschoten to the beach at Blauwestad, over the highway and the Oldambtmeer in no time. If you are ready for complete relaxation, the spa Thermen Bad Nieuweschans is the ideal destination for this.

You will also find one of the most special place names in the Netherlands here: HongIGE Wolf, a small town that even has its own festival. > knows. Further north is the Ambonezenbosje with its special history, which is also worth a visit if you like peace and space. If you would like to see horses in their natural environment, then you should definitely visit the Midwolderbos. Wild Konik horses graze here. These are wild horses, so some caution is advised.

In Nieuw-Schheemda, formerly Scheemderhamrik, there is a beautiful authentic farm called the Leeuwenborg, which has been completely transformed into a play farm and also offers space for parties and other gatherings. When the children have finished playing, you can opt for a ride through the Reiderwolderpolder to enjoy a beautiful sunset at the Kiekkaaste in Nieuwestatzijl. This is a birdwatching box in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve with a view over the mud fields of the Dollard.

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Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen
Municipality Oldambt East Groningen

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Sneeuwengelen maken in het Oldambt Winschoten, Oldambt
 Nieuwolda, Oldambt
Pompoenen Winschoten, Oldambt
Ondergaande zon Oldambtmeer vanaf Pieter Smitbrug Blauwestad, Oldambt
Ervaar veldslagen tijdens Middeleeuws Winschoten Fantasy Festival Winschoten, Oldambt
Kom naar het Middeleeuws Fantasy Festival in Winschoten Winschoten, Oldambt
Oldambtster nachtrit 2022 Winschoten, Oldambt
Op bezoek bij Sinterklaas Winschoten, Oldambt
Pieten tijdens Sinterklaasintocht Winschoten, Oldambt
Pieten met pepernotenfabriek Winschoten, Oldambt
Sinterklaasintocht Pieten Winschoten, Oldambt
Bad Nieuweschans Bad Nieuweschans, Oldambt
Lente Westerlee, Oldambt
Gewoon prachtig Winschoten, Oldambt
 't Heem, Oldambt

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