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East Groningen

East Groningen, a region to discover. For centuries it is the place to be for thousands of pioneers and adventurers. A place of solid but creative people, who know that you have to make your own life. The tranquility, space and sheer natural beauty inspires and surprises them again and again. And the people are always willing to share these experiences with visitors.

The true story of East Groningen is more fascinating than many a novel. It deals with universal themes such as love, war, overcoming adversity and the struggle between good and evil. Once you open the book East Groningen, you will not want to leave explain. Imagen that you can add your own personal chapter...

Here you have the space to grow as a person and as a human. The best spots are still available as your living environment. There are still many gaps in the market waiting to be filled in. Live, reside and settle in the region East Groningen is affordable, and therefore ideal for starters.

Tourists will find that authentic shops and unique restaurants that you will never forget. And there is so much to see and do. You can go boating, mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking. There are many monuments, museums and attractions for children. Open the book East Groningen and discover your destiny.

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Make a contribution

On the website Oostgrunn.nl anyone can contribute to improve the image of East Groningen and to let everybody know the beauties of the area. Visitors can respond to all subjects, give a review and share experiences. Also, everyone can vote on our poll, add photos, promote events, sports clubs and write sport competition results. Give a good reason yourself why East Groningen is a beautiful region. We ask the cooperation of all residents and visitors of East Groningen to help us with the promotion of this beautiful region.

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Oost-Groningen is een prachtige regio want....

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