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Pekela - The municipalities in East Groningen, The Netherlands

Municipality Pekela East Groningen

Pekela has been a place where people want to settle for thousands of years. Adventurous settlers saw plenty of opportunities in the peat to provide for themselves. Nowadays people choose Pekela because of the pleasant living climate, the characteristic landscape and the good level of facilities. Entrepreneurs opt for a combination of living and working on spacious and affordable lots.
The transport of peat over water has shaped the villages and the roads. Pekela's street register therefore reads like a history book. Because the functions are embedded in the names, they sketch a lively backdrop for Pekela as the center of trade in the peat colonies.

As in surrounding municipalities, industry disappeared in the second half of the last century and the inhabitants had to find new sources of livelihood. This was not without a struggle. By restoring the traditional sailing routes of the peat ships, the municipality gained new impetus. The characteristic drawbridges of the Pekelderdiep are a feast for the eyes for both shore residents and pleasure boaters. Thanks to the central operating system, these can enjoy good sailing connections to, for example, the Zuidlaardermeer or Germany. The canals of Pekela are now the most important lifeline for the 12,500 inhabitants.

A boat trip on the waters of Pekela should not be missed when visiting the municipality. You sail past monuments, stately farms and houses in the style of the Amsterdam School. During the tour there are plenty of vistas of the Veenkolonial landscape. There are also several mills to visit.

If you are there in the autumn, you should definitely visit the cozy annual market in Oude Pekela. Throughout the village there is a lot of public art to admire, such as the Man with the dog cart and the Geveltjesviaduct, which dates from 1989. You can walk and enjoy the natural beauty in the Hoetmansmeer forest area.

In the Kapiteinshuis museum in Nieuwe Pekela you will soon imagine yourself in the 19th century. You get a glimpse of a former captain's house that feels like the residents can step back in at any moment.

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Municipality Pekela East Groningen

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Talenten show in Oude Pekela Oude Pekela, Pekela
Talenten show in Oude Pekela Oude Pekela, Pekela
Seminar 23 nov 2013 Nieuwe Pekela, Pekela
hapkido-willie Nieuwe Pekela, Pekela
Oude Pekela Oude Pekela, Pekela
Boven Pekela Boven Pekela, Pekela
John Smitbrug Boven Pekela, Pekela
Boven Pekela Boven Pekela, Pekela
Sneeuw Oude Pekela, Pekela
Sneeuw Oude Pekela, Pekela
Sneeuw Oude Pekela, Pekela
Sneeuw Oude Pekela, Pekela
Pekelderdiep Nieuwe Pekela, Pekela
Brug Ommelanderweg Nieuwe Pekela, Pekela
Heeresmeer Nieuwe Pekela, Pekela

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