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Stadskanaal - The municipalities in East Groningen, The Netherlands

Municipality Stadskanaal East Groningen

The location of the municipality of Stadskanaal, on the border of Groningen and Drenthe, has partly determined the identity of this surprising part of the Netherlands. Stadskanaal played an important role as a trading center in the reclamation of the peat. The distinctive (City) Canal was dug for this economic purpose. The outer area is naturally formed and used to consist of swamps and rivers. Today, gentle slopes alternate with rougher heathland and ancient forests in the Westerwolde nature reserve.

Culturally, Stadskanaal has put itself on the map by investing in the Geert Teis theater, a stage on the town square and promotion of various museums and galleries in the municipality. The STAR museum railway has also given an impulse to tourism in the municipality. In addition, the level of facilities for the 33,000 inhabitants is high. With an active middle class, solid public transport, a favorable business climate and good educational facilities, Stadskanaal has grown into a strong core municipality.

Discover perhaps the most underrated nature reserve in the Netherlands: Westerwolde. Stadskanaal is a good base. There are plenty of campsites, hotels and B&Bs in the municipality. You can stay overnight in a unique and different way in an old wagon of the railway STAR, which can be found at the station in Stadskanaal.

A day trip on the steam train is an experience for young and old.
Discover the area on foot and by bike, of course, but also by boat or on horseback. Or do you prefer it from a hot air balloon? Westerwolde Ballooning puts Stadskanaal in a surprisingly different perspective. A day of shopping is certainly an option in the extensive center in Stadskanaal.

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Municipality Stadskanaal East Groningen
Municipality Stadskanaal East Groningen

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Goedemorgen Stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
Paddenstoelen in de herfst Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
 Onstwedde, Stadskanaal
Marktkraam Juwelier Kluiter markt Stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
Stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
Het grote Zillertaler muziekfeest! Onstwedde, Stadskanaal
Nicolaaskerk met juffertoren Onstwedde, Stadskanaal
zo maar een stukje Stadskanaal. Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
Voorjaar! Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
Voorjaar!!! Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
Mooi Stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
sinterklaasintocht 2013 stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
sinterklaasintocht 2013 stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
sinterklaasintocht 2013 stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal
sinterklaasintocht 2013 stadskanaal Stadskanaal, Stadskanaal

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